I ended up sending out four query letters last week. The rejection letter I received this morning was from the last letter I sent on Friday. It took a whole weekend to read my one-page email and say, “No, thanks!”

And that’s cool.

The format this particular agency wanted was simply a letter with a brief synopsis, so that’s what they got. I didn’t send any portion of the manuscript with it. I think that’s why it doesn’t really hurt so much that they passed on the story.

It *will* hurt with any of the others, though, and I’m trying my best to prepare myself for these to come. I included excerpts for the other three, and will be including some attachments for the rest of the letters I send out.

I liken it to being in love. You pour your heart out, lay it all out for people who may or may not love you back. This novel is my love, my livelihood, my child, my everything. It’s hard to accept it when people don’t love you back. If I know anything, I know that.

And that’s a topic for another blog entry in the works…