For those of you who know me personally, I’ve been going through some scary medical things recently. I’ve had a history of migraines, but last week, I had one with some other symptoms that kind of freaked me out.

Blood work and a CT scan later, we find that– so far– I have a B12 deficiency. That’s manageable, right? I think so. The CT scan was clear, which was a relief! I still have to go see a neurologist– and that frightens me a bit…

Anyway, in the past week, with the exception of one day, I have been completely uninspired and unable to focus on writing. I don’t know if it’s just stress or worry getting in the way… or if there’s something wrong with my brain that’s keeping me from doing the one thing I love. It’s put me in a pretty sad state, to say the least. And I’m scared.

I mean, after finally finding what I believe to be my true calling after 35 years, would God be so cruel to take it away from me a year and a half later? I’m not finished! I have so many more stories to tell!

So for those of you who believe in God, please pray that this frustration, stress, fatigue, etc. can be channeled into this new character, Renee, that I am writing about. I really could use all that energy in her story… if only I could put pen to paper.