Okay, so today… I finished another round of edits, and I’m feeling pretty good about the story. I fixed a few nagging things, so that’s good. I always thought J would know whether or not E was married, so that line always bugged me. It’s not there any more. I know most of you don’t know what I’m talking about, but you will. Boy, will you…

And now, I have two more test readers on board. So far, I’ve got three people who have read the complete novel. I had someone read the first draft, which was 93,000 words shorter than it is now, so the story has changed quite drastically. All three of the “finishers” have enjoyed the story. My mom is one of them, and I know it was hard to read some of the content, knowing I wrote it, but she read it cover-to-cover and said she really liked it. It meant so much for my mom to read it.

So one of my besties is reading it now, as well as a really good friend that I used to work with at Incredible Universe. I am soooo anxious to hear their feedback.

And in other news, I got my second rejection letter… this was my dream-agent. It was Stephenie Meyer’s agent. I thought, hey, there is a huge market for mature love stories… and she can market love stories… and she already is intimately familiar with the target… but alas, she will not be repp’ing me. Again, I was shooting for the stars.

I was going to send out five more letters today, but I wanted to finish editing today, and that took some energy. I really need to get on that, though.

I’m pondering posting an excerpt from the novel… I mean, no one reads this thing anyway, why the heck not?