…you know the saying…

Since I’ve now decided to pitch “the” novel as three separate books, I had to come up with meaningful titles for each of them… and new titles means new cover art.

Lost and Found is complete with approximately 115,000 words. Time Stands Still has 120,000. Never Look Back wraps up the Emi Lost & Found three-book series, containing nearly 125,000 words. I’d love to put more detailed synopses up for you, but I don’t want to ruin the story for any of you…

I’ll just include the one from Lost and Found:

Nate Wilson has loved his best friend, Emi Hennigan, since the moment he met her, but he’s spent the last thirteen years denying his attraction to her. As Nate tries to move on with another woman, Emi makes a surprising discovery about her own feelings. Will Nate and Emi find happiness together, or will their choices destroy the friendship they’ve been cultivating their entire adult lives?

Can Lost and Found stand on its own? I think it can, but the ending will have you begging for book two. That, I can guarantee.

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