Ugh!! So freaking frustrated! I have 48 outstanding queries… 48 agents who have some portion of my work in-hand… 48 people who may or may not be actively reading about Nate and Emi… and 48 professionals who are TOO DAMN QUIET! I want to know something! Of course I want “We would like to read more,” or “We’d love to represent young, fresh talent like you,” or “Here’s a bazillion dollars! You CAN quit your day job!” I’ll take a couple more “No, thanks,” if that means I’m that much closer to realizing my dream.

I’ve said it before, if patience is the virtue, I am not virtuous.

Anyway. I really want to get the word out to more people. If you like my stuff, can you please send them over to the website to read the short story? Or have them come to this blog and read some of the excerpts?