So, I was torn a few weeks ago. One day, I received a request for exclusive readership of my materials from a big-time agency. I was excited and ready to send the requested pages off to NYC. The next day, I received ANOTHER exclusive request from a DIFFERENT agent. I then started researching exclusive requests to read, and really couldn’t find anything positive about them from other agents or authors. It’s just a way to stall the search for an agent, it seems.

Regardless, I decided to give one of the two agents a chance to review my story for two weeks. I was honest, and with the help of Missy, we crafted a very nice letter letting her know that I had recently submitted unsolicited materials as required by other agents’ guidelines. I included the requested materials in my message.

And then I waited.

For thirteen days, I waited with no communication. On that day, I decided to follow up and let her know that her time was almost up (I think I phrased it better than that). I still heard nothing. My guess is that she was *not* okay with my situation, and that she just didn’t tell me, for whatever reason. It’s disappointing, and it’s a learning experience. Next time, I’ll explain the situation, and then wait to see if the agent is okay with that before submitting my work and tying it up for weeks at a time.

I’ve been miserable doing nothing for the past two weeks. My goal is to find an agent and sell the novel, and not working toward that goal doesn’t feel good. I thought taking a chance like this might pay off, but this time, it didn’t.

So this morning, I did send off that explanatory email to the other agent in hopes that she still wants to consider the novel. I’ll wait a few days, but if I don’t hear from her, I’ll be resuming my campaign.

UPDATE: I already heard back from her, and she still wants to read the long synopsis and first thirty pages! Yea! 🙂

Thanks to everyone for your continued support.