Thank you to J. Perry for taking the time to fill out a brief questionnaire about the series.

What did you like about the book/series/characters?

The thing I found most appealing about this series is the authenticity of the story and of the characters.

Who was your favorite character, and why?

Jack. He is simultaneously the character I see myself in the most and the man I most want to be.

Did the story seem relevant/contemporary/believable?

If it were any more believable I’d think it were your own autobiography.

How did it make you feel?

This work covers the broad range of human emotion. There are parts where I laughed out loud and there are parts when I cried so hard I didn’t know if it would stop. As a reader, one embarks on a journey at the beginning on of any novel. By the time your reach the end of Emi’s journey through the Lost and Found series, you almost feel as if you’ve lived a full life with her. To love and lose and face life again is an incredibly powerful thing emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. This story captures that in a way that only those who’ve truly lived through such things can understand.

Would you recommend it to your friends? What kind of reader would you recommend it to?

I already recommend it to friends. I think any reader of mainstream fiction would appreciate this work, however I think those who will take the most way from the story are women, most likely ranging in age from 18 to 40.

If you could compare it to another series or book, what would it be?

I often compare it to the work of Nicholas Sparks when describing the feel of the novels. I would also place it in the same vein as James L. Brooks novels following the life of Aurora Greenway.

When you finished it, how did you feel?

Vindicated. I’m not sure why. I think possibly because Emi finally lets go of her fear and any feelings of responsibility she may have felt for what happened to Nate at the end of the story.

Could you see this being a movie/TV series?