In 2011, I will embark on a mission.

Sounds so ambitious, right? Yeah. Ever since I drove through Colorado last year on my road trip to Vancouver, B.C., I have wanted to go back. I’m sure I’ve seen mountains like this before– I believe there was once a family trip to Colorado when I was VERY young– but I don’t have any recollection of them. In fact, last year’s road trip showed me so many beautiful parts of our country that I would actually like to retrace ALL of my steps. I can’t wait to go back to Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon… so many beautiful things to see…

…but it was a LONG drive. Like, 36 hours to Portland, I think? We stopped for two hours in Idaho when I ran out of steam.

Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes. Colorado. It’s roughly a third of the drive. I am driving to those mountains and I’m going to park myself in view of them for a few days and write. I’m saving a little money every week, and hope to go sometime in late April or May. I think my soul needs it.

Here in Dallas, we have no scenery to speak of. They say our sunsets are like nothing else in the country… but I don’t believe everything I hear! (Actually, I tend to, but I’d like to have proof of this particular statement.) We have flat prairie land and ugly architecture and far too much traffic.

I don’t mind the area when you get to the outskirts. If my grandmother’s farmland in Muenster was better kept, I would go there every day off I had and enjoy the silence. I can remember the sound of the rocks crackling under car tires to alert us of incoming visitors. That sound was beautiful. Cows mooing in the pasture? I never thought I’d care to hear that sound again, but I would love to wake up to it every day. I think I would even forgo music for the quiet sounds of nature…

I think this makes it pretty obvious that I’m not geographically where I want to be– or even need to be. I’ve known for a long time that Dallas is not the place for me, but I haven’t figured out where I belong quite yet. Anyone have any suggestions?