So, all you agents who have rejected me… I’ll be back!  😉  Nah, not really.  Maybe a few of you… after all, I am taking the advice from some of the more helpful rejections to make it a better book.

I wrote about 4,500 words the other day to add some more depth to Emi and Nate’s relationship.  I think it really enhances the story and gives a better introduction to Emi’s friend, Allison.  I finally found where it belongs in the story and feel really good about how that’s developing.  I still need to get more in each of their heads, but it’s definitely a fine start.

Then today, I started actually rewriting sections.  I think the first chapter is good.  And the second chapter needs some minor tweaking.  I figure I’ll actually need to actually rewrite about five chapters.  For some reason, this doesn’t seem impossible, especially seeing what I wrote today.  The chapter I’m currently working on involves Nate and his mother and the backstory of his father.  Before, Nate was a little bit of a shit to his mother.  He was overly selfish.  Now that I know Nate better, I realize he wouldn’t treat his mother this way.  I mean, I went to great lengths to make sure he always treated the women he dated well.  I think he would have the same respect for his mom, who has always been there for him, and is the only family he’s had for most of his life.

I like the new interaction they’re having… and in the process, we learn a little more about Nate’s artistic abilities that we never really delved into before… and we introduce a painting that appears later in the series.  These minor details that weave in and out seem to create a richer story.  It’s kind of exciting, really.  Nate continues to surprise me… and I love that.  He’s real, and he’s flawed, and he’s interesting… and you want to be on his side.  Well, the NEW Nate is that way.  The old Nate, I think the reader kind of felt distanced from him… and maybe they didn’t want to know him like I wanted people to know him.  He’s an awesome guy.  He’s just a little misguided at times.

Anyway.  It’s weird to go back to him.  His story was the first I’d written.  Since him, I’ve been in five other character’s heads.  Sure, I’ve visited him a time or two to add things here or there, but there are quite a few chapters that are pretty much exactly how I wrote them when I first started this project back in 2008.  Needless to say, my writing and story-telling abilities have improved a lot since those first few weeks.  I really have high hopes for this.  I think this rewrite is what I need to get that agent… to get this book published… and then to get the series out there to the world.  The other two books are much more refined.  Nate just needs some polish.  🙂

So, please feel free to cheer me on.  And for those of you who’ve read the series already, I hope you’ll be open to reading the revised novel when it’s done.