…I do have a game plan today. So what if it starts with a nap? After that, I’m going to organize my Pages files once and for all and get a system in place that will allow me to edit on my iPad when I’m out and on my MacBook when I’m home, and not get all bent out of shape when it comes to format. Then, I’m going to set up a password-protected site and update it with chapters of the first novel as they’re completed— and I’ll share it with a few people who want to read it. That way, there will be an audience that I want to please by getting it done. I need some extra motivation. My own desire to finish it isn’t getting me very far. Lastly, I’m going to finish Chapter 6 and the fight in Chapter 7.

I have 32 days until the conference… and Book 1 has to be ready to go. There is a lot left to be done and I’m genuinely nervous and almost wishing I had left it alone… but deep down, I know it needed work. I like Nate much more now, and I hope others will, too. The task just seems nearly insurmountable and it’s really stressing me out.