Pretty Sure I’ve Finished The Rewritten Draft…

…days before I expected to. I’ve now started editing it. I’m up to Chapter 6 and I really do like the changes I’ve made to the story. Nate’s a great guy, and I finally feel like other people can see him the way I do. I’ve done him justice this time around.

So after this (or while I do this), I’m still pondering the pitch with Agent Kate. I tend to ramble (no surprise to you, readers), but 10 minutes is not enough time for rambling. I need to have a skeletal script, some bullet points or something. I need to rewrite my short synopsis. I need to find all the ways Lost and Found is unique. I need to buy an outfit. I need to decide whether or not a haircut is in order in the next 14 hours.

So even though I’m ahead of schedule, there’s still a lot left to do. But I feel good about it all. My brain is in the zone now, to the point that most of my thoughts are related to the story. See, this is why I need to start making money on this. I need to eliminate the stress that takes away from my creativity.

Okay, so I’ve got the next few days outlined, and I know what my bedtime prayers are going to be. 😉

Soooo excited about Saturday. I have to keep the confidence up. I have to believe in this 100%. I know the story can sell itself- but not in 10 minutes… so it’s incumbent upon me to show why Agent Kate needs to meet my characters. Once she does, I think there will be happy endings for all…

…well, almost all. One character may not be so lucky…

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