It’s been awhile. I’m sure some of you are wondering what alien took over my brain and decided to self-publish Lost and Found. After all, I had been adamant that I was going to go the traditional route by finding an agent.

I haven’t given up that dream… I just faced reality; and the reality is, no agent is going to take a chance on a 124,000 word book for a first-time, unknown author. I follow enough of their blogs and twitters to know that now. It’s too big a risk for them professionally, and too big a risk for a publisher financially. I totally get that and respect that.

After getting some feedback from some agents late last year, I spent the first two months of 2011 completely overhauling Lost and Found, which is the first book in the series and the one I was trying to pitch to potential agents. It’s a much better book with more developed characters, and I think it’s a good story that could compete in the “real world,” as they say.  So at the end of the day, I decided that the readers could decide a) if it’s good enough, and b) if it’s too long (or jusssssst right).

If I sell a fair amount of copies of Lost and Found, I hope to take some statistics back to some agents with a little credibility under my belt.  Maybe Time Stands Still can still be a traditionally published book.  I would really like that.  I would like to see the whole series in paperback some day.  That’s still my ultimate goal, but I have to prove that the series can sell.  That means I have to drum up the interest in them on my own.

How can you help?

Buy the book.  Right now, it’s only available on smashwords.com, but is in the review process for the iBookstore and the Kindle store, as well as the other online booksellers.

If you like the book, review it.  You can do it on goodreads.com, or on smashbooks.  Of course, when it hits iBooks and Kindle, you’ll need to copy and paste your reviews.  😉

If you really like it and think your friends might like it, too, recommend it to them.  Is there a birthday coming up?  Anniversary?  You can buy it for them, if you want.  $2.  A little money goes a long way (124,000 words, remember?).

If you don’t like the book, that’s okay.  I can’t please everyone.  I can’t stop you from reviewing it, either.  It’s business not personal.

So, that’s where things stand right now.  I can’t approach an agent with book 2 until I get quite a few more sales.  I’ve already had one reader contact me wanting to download the second book to see what happens next.  We don’t want to make her wait, do we?  🙂

Thanks to everyone who’s already purchased the book, and to those of you who plan to, as well.  It really is a story for everyone, but it’s women’s fiction, and caters more toward women’s sensibilities.  It’s a love story with hints of romance, but it’s not a romance novel.  The main narrator is a man, so that might get some of you guys to check it out.  And if it’s not for you, guys, let your wife, girlfriend, or fiancée read it.

So far, the book has been very well received.  (And remember the rewrites… it’s gotten better, for those of you who’ve read it already.)  I seriously doubt anyone will be asking for their $2 back.  🙂

I hope you all enjoy it… that’s ultimately what I want… for people to like the story of Nate and Emi.  🙂