To all of my readers.  Thank you so much for investing the time in my Emi Lost & Found series.  Over the past two months since I decided to self publish, nearly 1200 people have either downloaded or purchased one of my novels or short stories.  I want each of those 1200 people to know how incredibly grateful I am for their interest in my writing.  It means the world to me.

While 1200 seems like a lot, in terms of readership, it’s not.  And if I were to give you the number of books I’ve actually made money off of, you’d be astounded at how low that number is.  Most people are unwilling to take a chance on the first novel of an unknown author.  Even if the offering is 125,000 words for $2, it’s still to much of a risk.  Sad, but true.  In order to raise awareness, I’ve been giving away digital versions of LOST AND FOUND to pretty much anyone who asks– and the vast majority of people who don’t ask, too.  It’s been a good marketing tactic, but even that can only take me so far.

For those of you who actually enjoy this genre– or for those of you who don’t, but enjoyed the book(s)– I have a request of you.  If you like the books, please recommend them to your friends in whatever way you can.  If you’d like me to compose an email to send to them, I can do that.  If you just want to point them to my website, that’s great.  If you want to meet them for coffee and gush about how many boxes of tissues you went through, or how many times you wanted to punch Nate, that’s fine, too.  Want to post it on your blog?  Awesome.  Just tell them.  Please spread the word.

And if you’ve finished a book or two, or even the series, please consider reviewing each one you’ve read. will let anyone with an Amazon profile review a book.  This would be my first choice if you weren’t sure where to post your review.  But if not there, it’s fine to review it wherever you purchased or downloaded the book.  And I’m not asking for five stars, just so you know.  I’d love an honest opinion of the book… a rating with some brief comments that tell why you scored it the way you did.

Self-publishing was not a decision I made lightly, and I knew that getting the word out there would be the hardest thing.  Even knowing that, I didn’t imagine it would be thishard.  I’m competing with thousands of other authors– some with great novels, and others with pages of typos and questionable content… but still, we’re all vying for new readers.  I know my books are good.  The reviews are starting to come in, and it seems to be pretty unanimous so far… but still… I need more reviews and I need more buzz.

Let me be clear.  I’m not in this for the money.  I’m nowhere near breaking even, and don’t imagine I ever will on this current path.  That’s not what most self-published authors do.  But I’d like to be able to share this story and these characters– Nate, Emi and Jack– with the rest of the world.  They kept me up at night, forcing me to write about their lives… and now I’d like you to explore the vivid emotional journeys they all were destined to travel.

So please, readers, if you can… recommend them to friends if you like them, and review the books when you’re finished reading them.

Thank you!!

PS I want to send special “Thank Yous” to Shaina Richmond and the Twitarded blog (specifically JJ) for their help in promoting my novels.  You’ve helped me reach a wider audience, and it’s been awesome.  Two women who found out about the series through JJ’s blog post finished the series today… and gave me some lovely feedback.  It’s incredible… they think the novels touched their lives, but in actuality, they’ve really touched mine.