Heard of #Aldiko?  If you’re an iPhone snob like me, maybe not.  But it’s a hugely popular ereader application for the Android platform… and out of nearly 1000 people who have stumbled upon my book on feedbooks, nearly 88% of them use Aldiko.

An awesome reader contacted me on Facebook, letting me know she wanted to read the other two books, but couldn’t figure out how to get them.  I had no idea how to help her, so I found a work-around.  But with a little help from Donna, another writer in a Facebook group I belong to, I found out that Aldiko readers CAN get the books from the Aldiko app.  You just have to scroll down to where it says “Other Stores” and choose Smashwords!

If that doesn’t work, smashwords.com also has the book in whatever digital format you want… and if you’re already ready for book two– 5-star-rated TIME STANDS STILL– go ahead and click the picture of the book.  I’ve made it easy for you!

The other two in the series will not be offered for free, but they are still insanely reasonably priced!