You should be welcoming me, but alas!  It’s okay.  I’m hoping WordPress makes me a little more visible.

So tumblr’s out.  It’s cool visually, but no one really uses tumblr.  No writers anyway.  I’ve spent the last two hours not writing, not packing for my move that’s coming up in two weeks and two days, not studying for the test I have to take on Tuesday to keep the job that pays my bills… no, I’ve spent the last two hours moving all of my blog posts over here.  It was tedious, but it’ll be nothing compared to the move to North Dallas.  😉

I’ve decided that July will be my deadline for using new job/new apartment/new lifestyle as an excuse that keeps me from writing.  By July, I should be somewhat settled in all three aspects, and should be able to clear my mind for a day or two a week to do some serious writing.  <– In writing, now I must commit.

My new job will consist of four 10-hour days followed by three days off.  I’m pretty freaking excited about this.  Sure, I won’t have a whole lot of energy on my work days to do much, but I hope to make up for it on the days off.  I always write more when I have a whole day to relax, get in the zone, and write.

Anyway.  I didn’t bring all of my tumblr posts over… I left the review quotes and status updates behind, but I figure I’ll have a chance to start over with that.