I’m not sure… like, it seems like I have a lot of readers looking at this map of people who’ve downloaded my book LOST AND FOUND from one of the many ebook distribution sites it’s offered on.  I mean, 577 downloads in America.  34 in Canada.  76 in the UK.  30 in Australia.  13 in Singapore.  63 in India.  21 in Germany (Ottos represent)!  21 in China.  21 in the Philippines.  8 in Russia.  6 in Ireland (thanks, DS)!  6 in South Africa (thanks, Nikki – SA is NOT San Antonio)!  6 in Brazil.  1 in Iceland!  Squee!  And still hundreds more are out there… it seems like I have a lot of readers… but there aren’t a lot of reviews to show for it.  There’s not a lot of buzz going around about it.  And there’s certainly no money being made off of them, not that I put LOST AND FOUND out there to make money.  I consider it my “gateway book.”

Is anyone finished with LOST AND FOUND and ready for the next book in the series?  Visit my website and find out how you can get TIME STANDS STILL in pretty much any format.  And remember, you’re welcome to leave your review on goodreads, amazon, or whatever website you got the book from!  Good or bad, they all help me out!

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