Book club, anyone?

Well, yesterday I got some good news from a friend.  She gave a copy of LOST AND FOUND as a gift, and that friend is going to feature my debut novel in her book club!  I’m so excited to hear that… and I think it would make a great book club selection.  So many of the readers who contact me do so because their friends haven’t caught up with them in the series… and they feel all alone and need to vent or jump for joy or cry or curse at someone (mainly me).  Wouldn’t it be nice to read the book side-by-side with friends?  (On a side note, this doesn’t mean you have to stop contacting me.  I love your tweets and emails!)

I remember when I first read Twilight.  I had one friend who had read it.  I would gush to Mitzi every day we worked together… but there were days when we didn’t work together, and I felt isolated and alone, just wishing I could scream about why Bella did this or how Edward did that.  It sucked.

The experience was so much better with friends to talk to.  So, if you’re in a book club, might I suggest LOST AND FOUND as your next read?  It’s available in virtually every digital format and in print, too.  I’ve got you covered.  And if you decide to feature LOST AND FOUND, please let me know.  I’d love to hear about it– and I’d love to offer your club some limited edition bookmarks… just contact me from my website and I’ll send a few your way!

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