I had planned to work on my next series today, and in fact was just about to get started when I got notification of a review for LOST AND FOUND.  Being spoiled by all the good reviews my books have received, I started reading this 4-star review with a smile on my face.

It was a negative review.  I frowned a little.  The woman who read the book (who’s also a published author) thought the book was well-written and the characters were well-developed, but she didn’t connect with or like the characters at all… so much so that she didn’t care what happened to them at the end.

Ouch.  My poor, sweet Emi and Nate…

But in all honesty, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this, and it’s just time I get this out.

A year ago, I shared a rough draft of the first book with my sister, who asked to read it.  I was reluctant to share it with her because she has a demanding career and two little ones at home, so I knew she probably didn’t have the time to devote to reading the 380,000 word tome that I had written over the previous year and a half.  I relented and printed a copy of the first book for her anyway.

She didn’t finish Nate’s story.  I’m not even sure how far she made it into the book.

I won’t go into the details because I’ve put this behind me, but in the end– when the truth finally came out– she said she wasn’t into this genre anymore (still trying to figure out this genre for myself, honestly), and that she couldn’t connect with the characters.  This was the first time I had ever heard this, and I honestly dismissed her comment because I didn’t feel like she gave the book a chance.

But now, I’m going to put on my big girl pants and accept her criticism of the book.  I still wish she would have finished the series– or at least the first book– but I know this isn’t going to happen in the near future… or maybe ever…

I’m all about transparency and honesty, so I’m not afraid of this review that I received today.  I’m happy she felt comfortable enough to write it.  Yes, it’s sad that she couldn’t connect with Nate and Emi, but I know that not everyone is going to like the book.  You can’t please everyone.  And she did compliment my writing, so that’s something positive I can bring into the fold.  In the end, I respect her opinion 100% and am grateful that she wasn’t shy with her comments.  They’ll make me a better writer in the end, and with a new series well under way with new characters, I hope she will enjoy the next series.