Authors: How do you keep up with marketing?

I have a *real* job… it’s kind of a sweet deal, really.  I work four days, then I’m off for three days.  Even though those four days are long and taxing, the three days off make it so worth it.  I’m still trying to create good work habits, but I try to write some every day on those three days off.  (I’m hoping November aka NaNoWriMo will help me focus more on using that time better.  I need to be writing at least twice as much on my days off.)

Anyway.  So back to marketing my books.  And your books.  😉  How in the world do people keep up with all the different facets of marketing?  It’s really tough to do some marketing on my work days… but I can’t just go silent for that period of time.  There are just so many things to keep track of.  There’s the Facebook fan page, the blog, the twitter accounts (I’ve got four that relate to the books), the goodreads site… plus checking sales on the websites of the various vendors, retweeting other authors… it’s kind of exhausting and it takes a lot of time– a lot of time away from writing, which is what I love.

I need something to keep me on task… Do y’all, like, keep a to-do checklist or something for all of your marketing efforts?  I’m about to implement something like this for myself.  (I work much better with lists.)  Just wondering how those of you who successfully mix both writing and marketing do it.

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