I’m ready.  Are you?

I am so excited this year.  I’ve got a great idea that I might be able to wrap up in 50,000 words (+30,000 maybe).  It’s the first year that I will be working on a project that I know I can wrap up by the end of the year, if I stay diligent.  (A rough draft, that is.)  In the past two years, I was working on books in the second series… books that I figure will have 100k+ words based on the outlines and based on my previous novels.  I’m still working on both of them (but I did win NaNoWriMo both years), plus one more.  It’s hard to work so hard on something, and still come out of the month with nothing that anyone can read yet.

I hope it’s different this year, though.  I hope to have a story for my fans that will catch them up with some well-loved characters from the Emi Lost & Found series.  This will be Livvy’s story, likely picking up about 10 years after Never Look Back ended.  I don’t have much of an outline, but I know what the general arc of the story will be.  I imagine it will be as emotional as the rest of my books, but much cleaner (obviously).  I don’t know if it will be YA, but that’s what I’m thinking.  (Yeah, I’m struggling with the idea, too, but a teenager’s going to be the main character… I can’t make that R-rated.  Not with our Contessa.)

Hopefully it will be good enough to put out as sort of an addendum to the series.  Anyone else participating this year?  What’s your story?