7,357 words!  Still on target, and hopefully there will be a second update later tonight!

Congrats to fellow NaNoWriMo buddy “storymultiverse” for hitting 9,618 words in four days!  Killer!  He’s the only buddy that’s beating me… you all know how competitive I am. 😉

I introduced a new character… his name is John.  He just popped into my head while I was noshing on a pumpkin muffin at the Ornery Bakery.  I was sad to see they were out of blueberry muffins, but what a pleasant disappointment… if that’s such a thing.  The pumpkin one was even better.  I love my weekly time at the ‘bakery… but I am typically the youngest person there.  Today was, like, the meeting of the quilting clubs.  It’s okay, though.  There’s a grandmotherly character in Livvy’s story, so it made me feel more connected.

I proudly displayed my NaNo cling on the back of my MacBook, so if any Dallasites are out and about and see my sticker, come write with me!

And to my bestie, John, I promise to make your namesake a good guy.  He may not be Jack-good, but he’ll at least be Nate-good.  😉

I want to give special props to Mom and to Nikki and Trina, my little stand-out cheerleaders so far.  I thought there would be more… but maybe my success these last two years have made it seem less important to cheer me on.  Let me be clear: I NEED MORE CHEERLEADERS.