Okay, so the Night of Great Ideas as it shall forever be known has made me exhausted. I woke up way too early, and when the neighbors did too– feeling it necessary to blare the RADIO with ANNOYING COMMERCIALS through the walls– I had no choice but to face the day.

It took me quite a few hours to organize my thoughts for today’s writing session, but once I finally sat down to write, I got in a scene that developed into something more touching and emotional than I anticipated. (God, Jacks is the best man EVER… but I already knew that.) I’m not sure this is the right place in the story for this particular conversation, but I’m going to let it be for now and just keep moving forward.

I have to admit, writing from a teenager’s perspective is very different. Even in planning, I was like, “nope, too far,” and “nope, she’s too young.” I hope I can pull off the story without my typical adult sensibilities. I like a good romance, but I know my dad and sister don’t want to read about that.

Plus, Livvy’s too young.

So, 2,931 words today brings me to 13,009 total… which scares me, because in three days, I’ll be behind the curve if I don’t get some writing in. I have major doubts that I will (thank you, stressful 10-hour work-days)… BUT… vacation is just around the corner, starting on Thursday, what is going to be the most fabulous day EVER. 10 days of fabulosity and no work… well, no “real” work. Writing is my “play.” And I get to see my best friend, John. Bonus! I would love to be at 40,000 words by the 20th AT LEAST. I think that will give me enough time to crank out those next 10,000 words.