Awwww… 14,865, first of all… but what a fun day I had writing! I am truly excited about this story, and really hope that the momentum carries me through to the end of it. So far, it would be dad-safe… and I think the father-daughter story is truly going to be something special.

But as someone who really enjoys a good romance, I had to add that element… and it’s going to be sweet. I think. I hope. For the most part. It sure is starting out that way. I know there are some angst-y times ahead– these are hormonal teens, after all– but I swear to my readers there will only be moments of this and not chapters and chapters (i.e., NEW MOON). And it will all be PG. Again, we’re hoping to deliver this to family members who are too afraid to read my slightly sexy series. 🙂