Ugh.  I am tired.  These 11 hour days are keeeeeeling me.  And it’s not just work.  My personal life is getting in my way now.  That’s a no-no.  Not this month.  It’s not like anything’s happening, it’s just my imagination is now focusing on the “what-ifs” of my real-life instead of focusing on the struggles that Livvy’s facing.  Not cool, Lori.  So not cool.  I’m not going to allow myself to use my personal life as an excuse that keeps me from reaching my goal.

I just need to get my head back in the game and put my attention on my characters.  One thing that helps me?  Find actors who I want to play the characters.  Of course, we already know who Jack and Emi are.  I thought I had figured out Livvy… but that was when she was just a little 4-year-old girl.  She’s sixteen now… so I need to find an actress for her.  As for Jon, I’ve got him picked out, I think.  This actor’s the right age, but right now, he still looks pretty young and innocent– but that’s the character he portrays on one of the TV shows I adore.  Miles Heizer, who places Drew on Parenthood.  He may not look like much in this picture, but trust me, if you’ve seen Parenthood, you’ll see what a great actor this kid is.

So… anyone have any ideas for our heroine, Livvy?  Remember, she’s sixteen.  If you don’t remember from the books, she has dark hair and an olive complexion.  I’m not very aware of teen-aged actors these days.  I just happen to have lucked out with Parenthood.  Anyway. I’ve got some thinking to do… about the books, not about my personal life.  Not this month.

Follow-up: Maybe this girl?  Danielle Campbell?  I don’t know her.  And it’s weird googling “15-year-old actresses.”  So with that, I’m calling it a night.  Removed the pic!

Follow-up to my follow-up.  Nope, no Danielle Campbell.


I loved Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit and prayed that she would be Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games.  (I’m over it now, and am okay with the actress they picked.)  She would be the PERFECT Livvy.  

Follow up to my follow-up follow-up.  Nope, not Miles Heizer (but I think I have another part for him).  At the (wonderful) suggestion from a friend, we’re going big for this.  Josh Hutcherson.  Yes, AKA Peeta.  He is Jon, though.