So I got really distracted on Thursday… had some personal stuff going on, some professional stuff happening, tires that had to be rotated, friends that needed to be seen… and even though there’s a story that needs to be told, I didn’t devote as much time to Livvy today that I would have liked to.  And more distractions are coming.  I’m going to see a few other friends tomorrow, and then host a few others for a movie/pizza night.  What am I thinking?!  It’s November!  I know, I know… but I feel pretty good about the progress and direction of Livvy’s book, so I’m going to go easy on myself for a few days.  Plus, I work better under pressure.

I still fully intend to write 30,000 words over my NaNoCation.  I think the bulk of Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be dedicated to writing… and then next weekend, too, provided a certain headboard scene isn’t so alluring I have to see it replayed 17 times.  (That’s what December’s for, Lori.)

Anyway.  I’ve written the first kiss… and I’m just getting into the first quasi-date.  They’re not truly alone, but it should be a good night for Livvy nonetheless… unless her parents get in the way… duh duh daaaaaah!