Support Indie Authors by Buying Their Books

Yesterday, a reader found me on Twitter and told me my books are “popular.”  This was news to me, seeing as how my sales suck.  I did ask her where they’re getting the books (because, you know, I’m not selling any)… I got an answer I’m moderately concerned with.  She said they’re on  It may be true that I offer Lost and Found on that website, which specializes in giving away books by Indie authors for free.  I decided it would be a promotional tool (that I really don’t actively promote), and truly have gotten more downloads than I would have thought… but Time Stands Still and Never Look Back are NOT offered there… and this reader did reveal to me that she’s read the entire series.  I haven’t gotten a response to my follow-up question, which asked where she got the other two books, but I have this sinking feeling in my stomach that tells me that the second and third books might be floating around out there, unauthorized, for free.  I haven’t found them– and I’ve looked– but it’s just a crushing hunch.  God, I hope it’s not true.

I worked on my Emi Lost & Found series for two and a half years of my life, and I’ve been promoting the series single-handedly since publishing them in March and April.  I would love nothing more than to be able to produce more stories that the world can enjoy… but I have to make a living first.  That’s my reality.  It’s sucks, but it’s my reality.  So please, for me and for other Indie authors, please make sure you’re obtaining our books in legal ways that help to support the work of the artist.  We do this because we love it, yes… but we all need the income.  And trust me, we’re not making a killing here.  I have a full-time job, I struggle to pay my bills, live in a small apartment and drive a beat-up car.  I know it’s not realistic to expect a lot more with the millions of books and entertainment options that are out there, but I do believe my books are good enough to compete with mainstream-published books.

One thought on “Support Indie Authors by Buying Their Books

  1. That’s really upsetting. And it’s not even as if the eBooks are expensive! If cost is an issue readers should buy those. And the books are reasonable also (if postage isn’t an issue ;D)

    I was really sad to read this.

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