Help! Other characters are taking the spotlight!

What happens when a conversation unfolds between two characters– and neither of those characters are the main character? And not only that, it’s a private conversation that they would never have in her presence.

In a first-person present-tense story, how in the hell can I incorporate it? Does Livvy eavesdrop? That seems lame (but it’s my best option so far). Does someone retell her the whole story? That wouldn’t have the emotions behind it, the suspense that it needs.

Ugh. I woke up to a nice, tense conversation between Jack and Jon, the father and the boyfriend. It’s a thing of beauty, and so integral to the characters that I couldn’t NOT write it. I mean, that’s what NaNoWriMo’s about… just throw caution to the wind and write. That’s what I’ve decided to do, even though I have no idea how that’s going to work later. It helps with word count and character development, so it can’t be ALL bad, right?

Anyway. Back to the fight.

Edit:  And just like that, I’ve figured it out.  She has to be in the room for it.

3 thoughts on “Help! Other characters are taking the spotlight!

  1. Hey! Just wanted to say that you’re doing great! I’m going to be falling behind as I’m traveling for a few days, but I WILL catch up to you!

    1. I have no doubt, Ben. I hope you have a safe trip! And you’re still doing awesomely. I think you’re the next closest buddy I have… My writing’s about to taper off significantly. I go back to work on Monday. Sad day. 😉

  2. What about a letter? Or a diary entry? But that won’t really work with guys… Huh. Eavesdropping isn’t really out of character for a teen. What about a conversation between Jack and Emi about Jon…

    Oh I dunno, I figure your decision about just writing and worrying about it later is probably the best. Let the characters do what they need for now.

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