So, I put together a soundtrack for the entire Emi Lost & Found series and I shared it with a few select people… one of them being a reader that I’ve never met (but consider a friend now).  Her name is Nikki… and she was kind enough to put the playlist together on Grooveshark.  You’d think that someone who’s worked in technology for almost five years would know about this site, but no… not me.

Anyway, I want to first of all thank Nikki for doing this!  It makes me so happy that I can now share it with everyone.  Secondly, I want to give you the music.  It will be accessible through the link on the right sidebar of this page… just click on the music notes over there (or in this post) and you can hear all the songs.

Just to get your bearings, the first twelve songs are for LOST AND FOUND.  The second twelve are for TIME STANDS STILL.  The final twelve are for NEVER LOOK BACK.  There are about five songs that I pretty much cry all the way through.  🙂

I’d love to hear your comments!