Introducing: Lost and Found’s new cover, designed by Summer Ortiz

designed by Summer Ortiz

In response to my post, My Book Covers Suck… Now What?, I enlisted the help of friend and illustrator, Summer Ortiz, to create something new.  Here is the new and improved cover of Lost and Found, the first book in the Emi Lost & Found series.  My old cover was nondescript and generic, a silly daisy and text.  At first (or second or third) glance, no one would know what the book was about.  Now, people have an idea.

Still in the midst of that genre identity crisis, Summer and I had discussions of what this should be.  Since there are definite elements of Romance, I cringed at the thought of putting Fabio on the cover.  I mean, for Romance, that must sell, or they wouldn’t use it and reuse it.  I didn’t want that, but I wanted to get the point across that the book had a definite love story.  I also wanted to convey emotion, the longing and the relief of finally finding one another.

I love quirky illustrations, and Summer Ortiz is masterful with them… but this one was, admittedly, not her typical drawing.  Regardless, she captured the spirit of Lost and Found perfectly, and was able to create a cover that tells a story almost as well as the book itself.  We’re hoping that this strikes a chord with those people who do judge books by covers, which I have learned there are a lot of those people.  The illustration skews younger, which I think is good, as Nate’s and Emi’s is a young romance.

All of the Lost and Found ebooks now have this cover.  The paperback will soon carry it, as well.  And as for the second and third books of the series, Time Stands Still and Never Look Back, we are looking at updating those, as well.  They will be announced here when they’re done!

One thought on “Introducing: Lost and Found’s new cover, designed by Summer Ortiz

  1. I’ve said before that I like the old covers, but you are right in that they don’t say anything about the story. This new cover does give some insight into what the story is about. I’m interested to see what develops for the next two books.

    Well done to both Summer and you!

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