AWESOME tool for writers & editors with iPads

Many of you already know that I have struggled to integrate my beloved iPad into my everyday workflow because there hasn’t been a word processing application that supports all the features I use. Most of my work is done in Pages, and if I just need to write, it works well for that.

But rarely do I just write. I tend to make notations in the columns of my original document. Things like “develop this more” or “would he say that?” You know, just little reminders that I need to come back to that part later on down the line.

When I would take my Pages for Mac file into Pages for iPad, all the comments would just *poof!* go away. It sucked, it meant that any time I needed to do some serious writing to my original document, I’d have to type in my additions (and not allow myself to make any changes on existing text), and then copy and paste the new content back into the document in Pages for Mac. Can you see why that wasn’t something I was willing to do often?

Well, today… Wow. I was doing some research on CNET at work, and stumbled across an article about a new free application for the iPad called OnLive. It’s sort of a Windows emulator that allows you to use the full PC versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I’m not a huge proponent of Word. It used to be so clunky, but even I will admit its vastly improved since Office 2008, and I’m a big Apple fan.

I tried just importing my Pages document straight into Word… and it worked! it saved all of my comments, and it will even allow you to track changes. I imagine with that feature, though, I’ll need to start using Word for Mac to make everything compatible, but I’m willing to give that a shot. I’ll report my findings.

Anyway, the only drawback so far is that it’s Intenet-based, syncing with yet another cloud, if you will… and my iPad is WiFi only, which means I won’t always have access to the file. Still, I am in a hotspot 90% of the time, so I don’t think it will be a huge hindrance for me.

I am so excited to give this a go. They say it’s fully compatible with the Bluetooth keyboard, too, so I know what I’m testing the second I get home.

This could truly change my life… or at least improve my work habits!

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