TODAY (1/31) is the last day to get my books for a ridiculously low price!

Well, today ends my experiment, and my ebooks will return to their regular price.  I’ve been doing the 99¢ thing for a few months to see if I can sell more books, and the results have been mixed.  (And many authors before me have come to the same conclusion, so I should have just listened to them.)

Did I sell more books?  Yes.

Did I make more money?  Absolutely– NOT.  In fact, I’ve made so much less that I can’t even get paid for the month on a few sites because I didn’t hit the minimum sales figure.  :/  Suckage.

But it’s okay.  I got quite a few new readers, and that does make me very happy.  And my books will still be insanely priced– all three for less than $10.  That might be what you pay for two rides on a roller coaster that might last six minutes total… but my books will have you experiencing emotional highs and lows for hours.  Maybe days, if you have to take breaks (and many people have… because the tears blur the pages).  375,000 words of highs and lows… you know you want to read them…

So Wednesday, LOST AND FOUND will be offered at $1.99 and TIME STANDS STILL and NEVER LOOK BACK will each be $3.99.  (Some sites take a few days to update those prices, so some people might still get the books at that “ridiculously low price” for even a couple more days.)

The links above will take you to Amazon to get the books for your kindle, but I also sell them in nook, iPad, paperback and other digital formats.  Look here for info on where to get those!

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