Another marketing idea, shot out of the sky…

Twitter fail.  Blërgh.  But will that stop me?

Hell, no.

I am sticking by my idea, and hope that the entire world was just busy today.  I have tried so many different things in an effort to sell more books, but it just seems like nothing really works.  I don’t know how Indie authors become successful.  I have been featured on websites, have daily Twitter campaigns on four different accounts, have a Facebook fan page, sell my books at insanely low prices, had the cover of my first book redesigned (and I’ve got Summer working on the second and third), tagged all of my books, virtually socialize with other authors… I don’t know what more I can do.

But I’m not giving up.  I still really like the idea of my #LAFbk tag campaign on Twitter.  If nothing else, it lets me get the Cliffs notes version of my book in my twitter feed every day, and I love Nate and Emi and could never have too much of them.  I’m glad my friend Nikki had fun with it, too, adding her own commentary in RTs.  (Thanks again for that… and yes, damn Kiersten to Hades!!)

The weirdest thing I learned today is that no one really clicks on links on Twitter.  I thought they did… because every time I link to Smashwords, my page hits sky-rocket… but today, I linked to this WordPress blog and I got very few hits.  So I don’t know who to believe.  Based on sales, I’ll believe WordPress.

Anyway, yes I realize I’m rambling, but I’m still in shock that I didn’t become a millionaire today.  Maybe I was aiming a little too high… I mean, in one day?  I’ll give it a week.  Surely someone will notice my brilliance.  😉

4 thoughts on “Another marketing idea, shot out of the sky…

  1. I like the idea! It sounds like something that could really work to catch people’s interest.

    Personally, though, I’m just not a big Twitter guy. I suppose if I ever DO publish anything, I’ll have to figure out Twitter marketing, but until then, I will continue to avoid Twitter.

  2. I like your idea. I would imagine some folks will read one of the snippets & think ‘what’s that about? I HAVE to find out more.’ I reckon persevere, there’s no such thing as too much marketing.

    Also I’m enjoying the tweets SO much. Gonna finish retweeting today as I fell asleep yesterday. #stalkerFAIL!

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