Random disappointment of the day…

…it was a rough day, ever since I gave blood this morning at work.  Let’s just say that the karma gods must not have thought donating blood was worthwhile, because they just kept striking me down.  I made it through the work day, and then had to go get groceries and gas (my GOD why is everything so expensive?!!).

So I got home and said hello to my sweet little pup.  We went outside, and we got the mail.  I said to him (yes, I talk to him), “Hey, Ben, I bet there’s a check in here…” as I opened the mailbox door.  Sure enough, I pulled out a small envelope from On-Demand Publishing LLC.  I didn’t even do a silent cheer… I woohoo’d in the middle of my apartment’s parking lot.  Sanity be damned!

Then, as I was walking back, I thought to myself, “Hey, why’d they send a live check?  They do direct deposit…”  And then I looked closer at the envelope.

It looked JUST LIKE the other 1099-MISC forms I’ve been getting.  Damn it.  Not only is it not a check, it’s, like, the opposite of a check.

Today’s moral, kids?  Don’t donate blood*


*I’m just kidding.  You SHOULD donate blood.

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