Self-published authors: 1000 copies a MONTH!?!


I was reading a blog post or tweets or something from a very respected literary agent the other day, and she said that a self-published author who sells 1,000 copies of their book a month is GOOD but not GREAT!


I am clearly doing something horribly, terribly, awfully wrong.  If I sold 1,000 copies a month, I’d be… well, I might actually be a full-time author!  Do self-published writers really sell that many a month?  In my circles, I don’t really hear what other people’s sales figures are, so I feel like I live in a bit of a vacuum here… but really.  1,000 copies a month!?  Is this really normal, or is this exceptional?

I can’t fathom that.  Anyway, to keep my mind off of poor sales, I’m just pouring my heart into writing and creating my query materials and pitch for the North Texas Two Step conference at the end of the month.  I’ve got my hard-ass grammarians working on Contessa now, so it can be as polished as possible just in case an agent wants to take a peek.  My six test-readers all gave very positive feedback, so I have high hopes for my new novel.

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