So, how was _your_ day?

[Insert picture of girl freaking out at her alarm clock.]

That was me this morning, except I’m not a man and it was 8:30am.

Today was day two of my conference, and I was really amped up about it after everything that went on yesterday.  It was surreal to open my eyes (“serenity” music still playing on my iPhone) to my dog, Ben, staring at me with the backdrop of a sunrise that was far too bright for alarm-clock time.


I jumped out of bed, took two Excedrin-ish pills for a caffeine kick, started the bathwater (sometimes, a shower won’t do, even when cramped for time), and took my dog out.  We walked our normal route outside of the apartment complex gate… and then I realized I’d brought the wrong set of keys and had no way of getting back in the gate.

Let me recap:

1. The conference begins at 9am.

2. There is currently BATHWATER running in my un-attended apartment.


Ben and I wandered nervously, watching every entrance for someone to come in or out for what seemed like hours, but was likely only two minutes or so.  The main gate was opening, and I sprinted to get inside.  I even beat Ben, and he *always* wins in a foot-race.

Somehow, I made it to the conference at 9:05.  (Somehow = I didn’t dry my hair, I only put powder on my face, and I drove 80mph down 635 [not really, random Dallas officer who stumbled upon my blog].)  I’m also pretty sure God stopped time for me, and I thank Him for that.

Anyway.  That was the start to my day.  Aside from that and the mid-day migraine, it was a decent day.  How was yours?  What’s your best “oh, crap, I overslept” story?

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