Project Runway All-Stars has a winner!


I loved Mondo in Season 8 of Project Runway. At first, I didn’t get him at all… and then he broke down on national television, became completely vulnerable, and surprised us all with his unique point-of-view. Would I wear most of clothes? Not from that season, no. But I saw the value in them, and I really saw something special in him.
As far as Michael C. goes, I’ll stick with something Mom taught me long ago: if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. I’ll just say he needs to work on his originality.
And Austin Scarlett? I never watched Season 1, but he’s been a face for reality TV for awhile… I always found him to be a bit cartoonish… not someone I could relate to.
In the final challenge, I liked both Mondo and Austin’s collections, but I have a soft spot for little Mondo. So without revealing anything, SQUEEEEEEE! 😉 (Surely true fans know the winner by now.)
Anyway. I wish I could explain my fascination with this show. I wear jeans and mass-produced t-shirts every day of my life. I buy shoes-so-ugly-they’re-cute, and wear them with white socks. I know men who wear more make-up than I do. Some days, the car window is my hair-dryer.
I’m as far-removed from fashion as they get… and it doesn’t bother me. I don’t aspire to wear the clothes they design. Most of the people are complete divas… Can anyone step inside my brain and tell me why I can’t get enough of Project Runway?

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