How Twilight helped me make friends

I’ve never had an easy time making friends.  I’m an introvert and have been all of my life.  My friend-circles are typically pretty small.  I can be an acquaintance to just about about anyone, but being an honest-to-goodness-friend… that’s tough for me.

So there’s this little book/movie called Twilight.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?  Well, it’s introduced me to some pretty incredible friends… and I want to point out a few of them and tell you the stories of how this phenomenon brought us together.

Because not everyone is as loud-and-proud as I am about my Twilight fan-hood, I’ll use abbreviations for my friends.  I’ll start with J.  I worked with him and somehow convinced him to go see Twilight at the midnight showing with about 12 other co-workers.  I had read all of the books, but he wasn’t interested– well, not until after the movie.  Then he had to read the series.

He became just as addicted as I had been, and we’d meet up at work and talk about where he was in the books.  When he got to the fade-to-black scene in Breaking Dawn, he was just as upset that there wasn’t more there as I was.  So what did we do?  We put our Twi-brains together and wrote a little bit of fan fiction.  Yeah, I said it.  Fan fiction.  It was the beginning of a beautiful writing partnership, because after “Resurrection” and “Breathless” were finished, he was with me every step of the way as I wrote the entire Emi Lost & Found series.  I couldn’t have done it without him.

The next person I met through Twilight was K.  She also worked with me, once upon a time.  In passing, we discovered we both were Twilight fans, but at work, we didn’t really talk about it.  (This was when my Twi-pride began to wane a bit…)  Anyway.  I think I friended her on Facebook and sent her a message asking her how much of a fan she was.  She wasn’t specific, but said she was a Twihard, in her own way.  It suddenly became a “who’s the biggest Twilight fan” face-off, and within seconds of revealing my fan fic identity to her, she revealed her own fan fic persona to me.  I found a little sister in that moment.

We still Rob with one another late at night.  If you think I mean “steal,” go ahead and keep thinking that.  Of course that’s what I mean.

And lastly, there’s N.  I owe this friendship to the Twitarded blog.  JJ, one of the girls who runs the blog, read LOST AND FOUND and posted her recommendation of it on her site last year.  I gave out free copies to the blog followers, and happily went on my merry way, knowing that I shared my book with some awesome women around the world.

Not too long after, I got an email from a woman in South Africa… well, at the time, she said she was from SA– and in my puny Texas head, I thought she was from San Antonio.  I found out after I’d offered to ship signed books to her that she actually lived a gazillion miles away.  Anyway.  N. had written a blog post about a job interview from hell… and from her post, I’m pretty certain that plane did fly directly into hell… but she was thanking my book for keeping her sane.  I was so flattered!!

N. and I started exchanging emails, tweets, blog comments… pretty much any way you can communicate for free internationally, we were doing it.  I’m pretty sure she’s really just a younger version of me living on a different continent, because we do seem a lot alike.  Anyway.  She’s become someone that I look forward to hearing from and chatting with as often as possible.  I hope that– when I become a trazillionaire– I’ll be able to fly to her country and meet her and be exposed to a different culture for the first time in my life.  🙂  And maybe she can fly to the states, too, and see what our nutty country’s like.

So… Twilight may be a whole lot of crazy things, but for me, it’s given me friends and pushed me to find my passion in writing.  In my life, that’s really not so bad.

Has Twilight brought you closer to people?  What about other books, movies, music, or trends?  How has pop culture made your life better?

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