My new book cover for Time Stands Still!

It’s a thing of beauty, I know.  Here is the gorgeous new cover for the second book of the EMI LOST & FOUND series, TIME STANDS STILL.  This was also designed by the very-talented Summer Ortiz.  I’m working on getting it updated on Amazon, but we’re not quite there yet… Very soon, we’ll have the final cover for NEVER LOOK BACK, too, and the whole entire world will know!

If you’ve read the book, I dare you to not get a little choked up.  If you haven’t– or if you just want a little reminder– here you go…

“Emi, I know what I want,” he says intently, his look reminiscent of the one he gave me as he toasted my brother and Anna.  My heart jumps.  He is going to kiss me!  He draws his face closer, cautiously, his eyes measuring my reaction along the way, until the very last second, when he closes his eyes and lightly brushes his mouth against mine.  A memory flashes quickly in my mind, so quickly I barely catch it.  The way his lips tease mine leaves me wanting more, a certain longing I’ve felt before, and as we pull each other closer, a distant but familiar wave washes over my entire body.

In that instant, everything in my world changes.

That’s about a third of the way into Chapter 9, if you want to keep reading.  😉  And you might as well keep going through Chapter 11, because I know you want to go to bed with a perma-smile tonight.

Sweetest of dreams!

7 thoughts on “My new book cover for Time Stands Still!

  1. Awesome new cover. Also, I’m really digging the new layout. Well, I say “new,” but I’ve been busy lately, so I’ve fallen behind on blogging.

      1. Thanks for that, too, Ben! I’ll post my response tomorrow… Although I just saw what the seven lines are and I’m not sure I want to give that part away!! 🙂

  2. I’m hooked – have to start reading my copy asap obviously! And LOVE the artwork for you cover – just had a look at Summer’s website too – so talented! 🙂

    1. 🙂 I’m hoping to get read about some high heels and slippers as I relax in the hotel tomorrow night.

      I’m pretty in love with the artwork myself. Le sigh… makes me want to read my own books again. It’s a little narcissistic, I know…

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