I truly enjoy making up words…

…and as a writer, I think that’s perfectly acceptable.  There have been many times in my life when someone’s asked, “Is that a word?”  And my response is always, “I just said it, so it must be.”

I stand by my belief that I am the originator of the word vomituous, but I have no idea how the world discovered my brilliance.  Maybe someone hacked into my little Hello Kitty diary when I was thirteen, who knows?

Anyway, I bet you know why I’m writing this post now.  Sensitiviality, you ask?  Why the hell not!?  As an assignment from the writers conference I attended last week, I had to come up with an “ingredient list” of 100 words that make up who I am.  It was really a fun exercise, even though a few friends contributed such oddball answers as “corny dogs” and “jumper cables.”  (I don’t remember the last time I ate a corny dog, and I’ve never owned a pair of jumper cables.)  So sensitive is a word that people have used to describe me since before I was born, I think.  I can’t outgrow it, either.  I am sensitive; I always have been sensitive; I always will be sensitive.  That’s just me.  And passionate and driven both came up, which sort of led me to vitality.  I like the juxtaposition of the two words.  I mean, I think that I– by definition– am juxtapositionish.  I’m a little wishy-washy… nothing’s every black and white to me, but I might flip-flop between dark grey and light grey in a moment’s notice.  That’s why I have such a hard time committing to political issues.  (Both sides make such good/bad points!)

Anyway.  So there’s the explanation behind my new blog title.  Have you made up any words you’d like to share with the world?  I’d love to add some words to my vocabulary!!

8 thoughts on “I truly enjoy making up words…

  1. Oh, I do this all the time. A lot in blogging, usually minor variations on standard words. I also enjoy made-up exclamations such as “Blargh!” In writing, it’s usually when I’m trying to represent speech disfluencies, such as someone choking or coughing while trying to say a word.

  2. Exhaustapated is one I use often but my friend made that up. It just has the right feeling coming out of your mouth when you’re THAT tired.

    Here in SA (the one in Africa) we have the tendency to mix languages to make words. I know this happens with all our languages but I can only think of Eng/Afrikaans examples. ‘Shit’ in afrikaans is ‘kak’, and a shitty experience would by kakkie. And english and afrikaans words are regularly used no matter what language you’re speaking. So you’ll hear me saying ‘what a kak day’ or ‘I feel kak’ often. Some where along the line in the Haw family this has evolved so that now if something is utter crap it’s ‘akkies’. I have a feeling PopHaw started this one.

    SisHaw comes up with doozies like ‘undotted’ for the solid lines on the road. Obviously the opposite of dotted is undotted. Right?

    I like your word. I think it fits you perfectly. And what good is language if we can’t have fun with it?

    1. Hey! I’m exhaustapated right now! Do you speak Afrikaans, Nikki?? I assumed you didn’t since you always speak English with me… But that would be so cool if you did!!

      PS love your SA jab. :p

      1. As a second laguage, yes. It’s kinda compulsory working in the city I work in…. Um, I can speake Afrikaans to you, if you want….

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