So, here in Dallas, there is a chain of “passion and pleasure products” stores called “Condoms To Go.”  I’ve seen the shops and ads for years, and it just leaves me scratching my head.

Are there places that sell condoms for on-the-spot use?  Like a “Condoms For Here” store?

I’ll take this package… and this guy here… on this countertop, please!  Oh, and keep the change.

What the… ?  Anyone else a little befuddled?  Ummm… yeah.  I don’t know what else to say.

Also, this line from their website cracks me up: Our very special “Lace In The City” lingerie creates that special glow from which Hollywood memories grow. [Photo of ET and Elliott touching fingertips goes here.]

To me, this is the special glow from which Hollywood memories grow… not lingerie… although– come to think of it– I’d sex it up for Henry Thomas in a heartbeat.  It’s all clicking now.  Gotcha.