I’ve been talking on and on and on an don an don an don draper and on about Don Draper to my friend C, and I’ve finally lured her into my Mad Men trap.  Saturday, she will be coming to my (messy) apartment and she will discover the greatness that is Jon Hamm as the sexy Don Draper.  (Do you remember what Don’s apartment looked like after his surprise party?  That’s what mine looks like right now, only there was no party and no sexy French Canadian song.)

We’re doing a Mad Men marathon, and we’re starting from the beginning… because I think C slept through episode one last week when I invited her over after three Rhumbaritas.  Oops.  I truly love everything about that show… and every. single. character. on. it.  Even Pete.  I hated him at first, but he has much more depth now, and I’m sure he’ll go back to the smarmy guy who had a fling with sweet Peggy, but this week, I think he’s almost human.

Anyway.  Any other Mad Men fans out there?  Pick your favorite character… and tell me why!  And can you IMAGINE living the lives they lead?  It astounds me that this is apparently pretty true to our country’s history– well, at least the skewed reality they portray on Madison Avenue.