I’ve got a plan. It involves YOU.

So, I’m going to need your help soon.  Really soon.  I don’t want to bore you with all of the details, but through mid-July, I can only sell my eBooks on the Kindle store.  I’ve mentioned it here and here.  Anyway, I need to move the books in my Emi Lost & Found series up on the Amazon charts, so lots of activity in a condensed amount of time is good.

Once my covers are all completed (soon!!), I will be running a promotion where you can get ALL THREE EBOOKS FOR FREE for one day.  If you haven’t bought them yet from the Kindle store, this will be your chance to get them with the shiny new covers and everything.  You can tell all of your friends about it, too– and I hope you will.  Even if they don’t like dramatic, romantic fiction, tell them it’s for a good cause.  Tell them it’s for an independent author who’s just trying to make it in this world.  Entrepreneurial spirit.  Self-motivated.  Buzzword that evokes positive imagery and happiness to all the world… Oh, and make sure you tell them it’s FREE.

If you have already bought the books for your Kindle or Kindle app, then I ask that you take some time to review them since you can’t “repurchase” them.  Reviews give credibility to independent books.  If you’ve reviewed the books elsewhere, please consider reviewing them on Amazon.com, too, because– let’s face it– there are a ton of readers who go to that site to find new reading material… more so than any other book-related site.

Please be on the look-out for an email, blog post, Facebook update, tweet, and carrier pigeon delivery announcing when this ONE SPECIAL DAY will be.  And consider participating.  I might even name a character after you.

3 thoughts on “I’ve got a plan. It involves YOU.

  1. Woop WOOP!!!! I get to have the new covers on my new kindle!!!

    I’m waiting in antici_____________________pation!

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