Today! 4/22 – Get your free second-edition Emi Lost and Found eBooks!

The new second-edition Emi Lost & Found series covers are finally complete! To celebrate, I am offering each eBook for FREE on Sunday, April 22, on! Remember when I mentioned that I had a plan, and needed your help? That time has come!

I need to get my books higher up the charts, and that’s where you come in. The good thing is, I’m making this easy for you by providing all the links– and it’s free!

If you have an account, I need you to go get your free copies of Lost and Found, Time Stands Still, and Never Look Back anytime on Sunday, April 22nd. (I think the actual times are from 12:00am PST to 11:59pm PST.) If you have a Kindle eReader, great! You’re all set.

If you don’t, but you have any of the following devices, you can get their Kindle reader software for free by clicking on the device link:

iPhone / iPod touch
Android phone
Windows Phone 7
Android tablet
Windows PC


What if I don’t have a Kindle or any of these devices?

Well, you may not be able to read the books right now, but you could still help by purchasing your free copies on Sunday.

What if I’ve read the books already?

You can still download the books for free to show your support for an independent author of a dramatic fiction series. You can also write reviews for each of the books. Reviews are the best way for readers to discover new authors, so this would be an awesome way for you to help.

I already purchased them for my Kindle. Now what?

You’re in the same boat I am. You can’t ‘repurchase’ them, of course, even when they’re free and have an entirely new cover! If you’re hell-bent on helping (and I love it, if you are), you could simply create a new account (if you have multiple email addresses). You could also help by writing reviews (like I mentioned above).

Can I buy the books another day?

Sure! You can buy them any day, but for now, the only day they’ll be offered for free is on Sunday, April 22, 2012. Regularly, the books are $2.99 for Lost and Found, $3.99 for Time Stands Still, and $3.99 for Never Look Back.

I’m an Amazon Prime member. Can I borrow them for free?

You sure can, you lucky Prime member, you. Borrow away… this helps, too.

Why can’t I find these on iTunes/Barnes and Noble/Smashwords/Sony/Kobo anymore?

The books are being offered exclusively to until mid-July. In a few weeks, the paperbacks will all be updated with new cover art, as well, so you can still get those from or Barnes and Noble.

Thank you to everyone who participates in this… and please, forward this on to as many friends as you can. Share it on Facebook, forward an email, tweet and retweet until the fail whale rears its ugly head… Let them know this is for your friend, co-worker, sister, daughter, neighbor, etc… and ask them kindly to help. If they like to read fiction with interesting characters and emotional depth, they’ll be happy you mentioned this to them!

And hey, if you picked up your free copy today, let me know in the comments! I’ll put your name into a drawing for the new Lost and Found paperback!

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