Prepare yourself… for the Beginning of Emi and Nate

In less than six hours, you’ll be introduced to my new story… the ‘prequel’ to the Emi Lost & Found series.  This has been requested by– and written for– fans of the series.

I don’t believe that these chapters that I’ll be uploading will give away anything from the series, but just to be safe, I am password-protecting each entry with a trivia question from the books.  I may have a change of heart, but right now, I just want to make this available to the people who already know and love Nate and Emi.  Am I going to freak out if a non-fan gets the answer right and starts reading?  Absolutely not… in fact, I’d welcome them… but I’d ask them to go read the series first.  That’s the way it was intended.

So if you need to do a quick search in your copy of LOST AND FOUND, the first question is something like: “Nate plans a special date to a museum for which girlfriend?”

I hope you enjoy the story!

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