Kisses and thanks to my 1,000 twitter followers!

I hit a milestone today that’s taken me seemingly forever, especially getting those last 10 people! I hit 1,000 twitter followers!! As someone who’s not a part of the whole ‘team follow back’ thing, I only follow quality people, and really only want quality people following me. When I see a spammer follow me, I’ll block them. 🙂 That’s how I roll. The vast majority of my followers are authors, so props to you for keeping our wonderful community so visible and vibrant. Some of you are readers of my books, and I am humbled that you want to keep up with what I’m doing. And then of course, there are my near-and-dear friends who send me awesome messages that make me smile throughout the day. So, hugs and kisses to you all for helping me reach this goal. I hope we’re twitter friends for a long time!

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