The Beginning of Emi and Nate : Inspiration Photos


As great as my imagination is, sometimes it needs a little help. When I write, I like to find actors to ‘play’ the characters in my books. Currently, I’m not looking for anyone’s ability to actually act– I just need people who have similar physical characteristics to the people I write about. In the Emi Lost & Found series, only one of my ‘principals’ has been consistent from day one, and that’s Robert Pattinson as Nate. In my mind, they are one in the same. As for Emi, she was originally Julia Stiles, but I saw a picture of Emma Stone’s eyes one day and it was Emi-at-first-sight.

As I started this side project of the Beginning of Emi and Nate, I had to use the way-back machine and try to find ‘young’ pictures of these already-pretty-young actors.

Emma seems ageless to me, naturally, and I think that’s why we have seen her play such a wide range of roles in just the last couple years– from high school student to law student. I think the bangs in the picture above make her look a little younger. I also love her pouty expression… because Emi’s angry in this prequel (and rightly so).

As for Rob, he does have a few pics out there of his teen years (some are cute and some are frightening), but I like this one in particular because he seems a little insecure, and he looks less ‘innocent’ than some of the other ones I’ve found. Nate’s been through a lot at 17, so he needs to look a little worldly.

What do you think? Did you have someone else in mind? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you’re curious about other characters, I am planning on doing something similar with the Emi Lost & Found series books!

Read young Emi and Nate’s story here! New chapters post Monday and Friday!

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