Who is Chris Hennigan? Chris is the middle child and only son of Robert Hennigan and Karen Rawlings. He was born in June of 1977, four years after his oldest sister, Jen, and eleven months before his little sister, Emi. His physical traits are similar to Emi’s– fair skin, reddish-blonde hair, and dimples– but he has brown eyes instead of green.

After Robert cheated on Karen, Chris moved to a school in New Jersey in the middle of his senior year. He and Emi, although always close, grew even closer over these few months together. He also befriended Nate Wilson while at this school.

The following fall, Chris went to NYU, where he studied business. He pledged a fraternity, where he met who would become his best friend, Jackson Holland II. Chris’ first few years of college were a time of experimentation, but by his junior year, he had straightened up and was focused on his school work and had a few serious relationships.

Chris was always very protective of his younger sister. Wanting to shelter her from the mayhem of a greek party her first semester in college, he’d discouraged her from joining him at his frat house. Emi showed up anyway, causing quite a stir with Chris’ fraternity brothers, and especially with Jack. Annoyed that his best friend was among those taking advantage of his sister’s drunken state, Chris punches Jack, giving him a black eye. Once the hangover wore off the next day, Chris apologized, and Jack graciously forgave him.

Before he graduated from college, Jack offered Chris a position with his internet start-up, but Chris was never one to take risks, and decided to play it safe by staying in school. Although Jack went on to be hugely successful, Chris was never jealous of him, but rather happy for all that his friend had accomplished. Chris worked hard, making his way up the corporate ladder for a few businesses in Manhattan. He liked his work, but didn’t live for his work.

Chris dated around a lot before finding the right woman in Anna Cheung, whom he met on a windy day in Manhattan. For Chris, it was love at first sight. For Anna, it took a few minutes, but she fell for him soon after. After dating for only about six months, Chris proposed to Anna, and they married about ten months later.

Chris is the father of one son, Elliott Nathaniel, named after Chris and Emi’s friend, Nate. They call him Eli, for short.