So the most awesomest [sic] boy I met in college sent me a link to this video today. (His name’s Noel, if you care.) Anyway, his first comment was ‘WTF is this?’ and his second one was something like ‘interesting idea, serial fiction in 10 minutes.’ I was sold on ‘WTF is this?’ but I was also intrigued by the whole 10-minute-youtube-video-thing. And THEN I saw that Julia Stiles was featured, and hell yeah. Clickity-click.

Julia Stiles was my inspiration for Emi when I wrote the series. Even though she’s been ‘replaced,’ I still adore her and am interested in her career. So I watched one episode, intending to only watch one, and then I watched all seven of them.  (There will be twelve, but they haven’t all posted yet.) I’m hooked, and Noel was right. It is a very intriguing concept.

I think I could TOTALLY write something like that. I mean, even with the chapters I’m posting, they could be done like that. I love dialogue, and have been told on multiple occasions I should write the books in screenplays or teleplays (and I did start doing that last year).  How I would LOVE to be able to put the stories in that format– but alas, the filmmakers I know aren’t interested in my series. Damn boys. There really need to be more female filmmakers in my circle of friends.

Anyway. Check out Julia’s project. If you’re an indie author with a little bank and/or good friends who can make films, I think it’s well worth considering!!

Oh, and if you’re under 18, don’t watch that video.