Nikki from South Africa tries ‘kwesadillahs’ for the first time. (That’s quesadillas to us Texans.) Did she like my recommendation?!

Read It & Eat

Welcome, welcome indeed!

As Lori wrote in her welcome post we tweet a lot. We email a lot. A day without chatting to Lori is a very sad day (although I’m not sure we’ve had a whole day where we haven’t touched base in at least the smallest way for a while now).  We do talk about many things, but somehow it always seems to come back to books or food.  And music.  And really, don’t those three things just go together so well?

It’s fascinating to me how much you can learn about your world when you have a friend in another country.  You think you know everything about everything and suddenly you realise, among many other things, that there are entire food types you’ve never even sniffed!  This is how I feel about Mexican food.  During one of our tweet marathons where we were asking each other random questions…

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