It’s begging time again… would you review my books?

Every few months, I ask for reviews. Most authors don’t have to do this, because they sell gajillions of books and a small percentage of people give their feedback on various sites. Well, as an Indie author, I sell a fraction-of-a-gajillion books… and not everyone leaves reviews.

Reviews are imperative to Indie authors. Since no one knows who we are, potential readers rely on the opinions of others to tell them whether or not a book is worth reading. Goodreads.com is gaining in popularity, and I get a decent amount of ratings and reviews on there (94 total ratings for my books and short story). But let’s face it, Amazon.com is an incredibly popular repository for reviews. I’ll often visit that site before I purchase any number of things, not just books.

I have a grand whopping total of 20 ratings and reviews on Amazon.com. And just to make it more fun (not), reviews for the paperbacks don’t translate over to the ebooks. (I rolled my eyes, if you couldn’t guess.) Anyway, my focus is definitely on ebooks, so if you’d like to leave a review, please add it to the Kindle pages. To make it easy, I’m going to post the links to each page:

Lost and Found

Time Stands Still

Never Look Back

Emi Lost & Found series with bonus content

If you’ve left reviews on Goodreads.com, I’m fine with a simple copy-and-paste, if you have the time. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. I’ve been contacted by so many of you through WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, and email, and you have such nice things to say. Many of you already recommend the books to your friends, and I can’t thank you enough… now, I’d just like us all to try to recommend them to some strangers, who may then become your friends with your common interest in Emi and Nate and Jack.

Thanks to everyone who’s already reviewed the books– wherever that may be. Even if you don’t have time to add a few words to Amazon.com, every single review makes a difference in my world. ❤ you all!!

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